Another freelance project ending great [website and video]

freelance project quadsat.comAnother freelance project ended great! A couple of weeks ago, I was offered a nice website + video & photo project. They are called QuadSAT and If you want to know more about the company you can check out their website. But, in short, these guys are taking drones use to a new level.

“Following the growth in the satellite industry, undoubtedly there is a need for innovative solutions that can provide cost-effective means to test, assist installations, reduce the work complexity, and furthermore enhance the control over the RF spectrum. QuadSAT is building towards that vision.” – says Andrian Buchi, one of the founders.

My job was to create a promotional video and redesign their website. I enjoyed every part of the process even though it got intense at times. Nonetheless, I later came to understand that so is the team I’ve worked with. Thus, another freelance project ending great.

The website:

I have years of experience with WordPress in general and have first written HTML and CSS code about 14-15 years ago. Thus, even though I am not a programmer per say, with the use of a couple of plugins (most importantly – Elementor) I managed to create a nice website. A few tweaks in the .css file and that was it. Feel free to check it out at

 The video:

The making of the video involved two filming days at the Hans Christian Andersen airport in Odense, Denmark. After a great post-production process and a few re-edits, we ended up with the video below. As I mentioned before, I use Final Cut Pro X on a regular basis, even though I also enjoy editing in Premiere Pro. It wouldn’t have made a difference on this specific project as there was no sort of animation or hard frames manipulation involved.

I’ll say it again – another freelance project ending great!




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