No one told me I had cancer

no one told me I had cancer

no one told me i had cancer

The first post I’ve published (June 2018) was about starting writing my first book. No one told me I had cancer will cover my whole cancer journey/struggle/story or however you may want to call it. I thought I will be almost done writing it by now but to be frank, I am only halfway through. I could come up with a lot of excuses for why I am not in the editing stage already but that would be just a waste of my time and also yours, the reader. So the reason for why I am even writing this post in the first place is for myself. Today I turned 28 and it made me think…

I’ve been following Gary Vaynerchuk for months and I realized that no matter how many inspirational or motivational videos or articles he creates, there’s never anything I could say back to start a debate if he would be in front of me. If you don’t know who he is “just google it”, as he loves to say, but he is not your usual motivational speaker – I can tell you that much. He’s the kind of guy that makes you think twice before spitting out all of your excuses for not achieving what you want in life. So, this morning while having my coffee I watched again several of his videos and I felt like he’s yelling at me for WANTING but NOT DOING…

What do I want?

Do I want to see my first book published and people buying it? Of course, I do! But I haven’t had the discipline of writing a single sentence in the last month …

No one told me I had cancer is supposed to inspire people no matter if they had cancer or not. I forgot to keep reminding myself of this single thing every day. I felt like it became a daily task (and basically – that’s what it is) and not my fun hour a day of planting a seed. Of course, things have happened and not every day I felt an uprising motivation for life but I always had one hour to kill and that’s what I did – killed it. I could have capitalized on that spare time and invest it in writing a thousand more words for my first book.

I did not know what this post will be about until I started writing it. Doing it I am basically just getting things out of my mind down on this digital piece of paper to remind myself why I wanted to write a book in the first place. Therefore, closing this article I am promising myself that I’m gonna’ get back in the game and finish the book sooner than the already postponed deadline that I’ve given myself.




Writing my book is so far, so good…

writing my book process

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m writing my book. It is actually my first book…

I think I have a story to tell from my cancer experience and that is the main reason I took this path. Yes, it was scary at first. I am not a writer, nor do I hold the best English grammar. However, we leave in 2018 and the process of writing and publishing a book has changed drastically over the years.

If you choose the “independent publishing” way, as I did, you will find there are multiple options to go with. I came to the conclusion that Amazon is the best place to do so. You only need to upload the pdf file of your book along with a cover and you sit back and take 70% of the revenue. There is no need for inventory, as Amazon will print for you on demand and you don’t have to worry about shipping either.

I try to write about 1000 words a day when I write on the book. My writing process is pretty random. I have previously outlined the content of the book and decided on some chapter titles to break down my work. I often find myself switching between chapters and adding several paragraphs to each until I reach my words goal for the day. It becomes sort of a puzzle that I need to put together (in my case, from memory). I don’t worry about spelling and grammar checks until I am done getting my ideas out of my head.

I’ll give you an example:

No one told me I had cancerWill have about ten chapters and am aiming for about 40.000 words.

I first split three main parts before starting writing the book:

  1. Little did I know…

  2. Now what?

  3. Fuck cancer!

After that, I came up with titles for shorter stories that chronologically fit in my already mapped out book. Therefore, part one has four chapters named:

  1. The flu…

  2. No surgery? Great!

  3. The worst was yet to come

  4. I have cancer

On a final note, I have several things, in the form of tips, I want to mention about writing a book nowadays:

  • Don’t worry about your language skills – If you will take your project seriously, you will hire an editor before publishing
  • If you want your book to sell you will have to do some marketing work once Amazon publishes your book.
  • Definitely consider using when you start your book. I am not a fan of word documents when it comes to something like this.

I will make more posts in the future about writing my book.


My cancer experience and three weird things about it

My experience with cancer had three weird things about it

My cancer experience had several weird things about it.

  • There were a couple of people really uninformed. They stayed too close to me they might get cancer as well.
  • I once heard somebody say behind my back “Hey man, look! He didn’t die yet!”
  • No one around me has pronounced the word cancer until I was more than halfway done with the treatment.

I will let the short video below to emphasize these three things from my cancer experience:

(the footage below is a rough cut from another video and at some point, I also briefly mentioned the book I am writing.)

I am writing a book

I am writing my first book for about three weeks. It is almost half-way written and I will hopefully publish it in August or September this year.

I have my own history with cancer and I hope I will be able to share most of it. Hopefully, I will do that both through my new book and through this blog. I am confident I have a lot of stories to tell and hopefully will inspire some people.

I’ve looked into self-publishing with through create space and ACX. What really got me started was this great online tool for writers called It helps you keep your writing structured and you stay focused.

I’ll keep posting updates on the status of the book so you guys can be the first to know about it.