Shutterstock is great for passive income

shutterstock tool for passive income

Shutterstock is a great tool for creating a passive income. I recently wrote a short post about passive income where I touched on the idea of writing a book or two as a way of creating passive income. However, how many of you have ever considered that you could sell your photos? How about your videos? You might say you never thought of it because you are not a photographer or you are not good with a camera in your hand. However, you don’t need to be an expert to sell photos/videos on shutterstock.

How does Shutterstock work?

First, make sure you have a contributor account and then upload your work. Shutterstock gives you three ways to earn money on their platform:


You can find out all about the technical specifications for uploading footage on Shutterstock. However, to sum it up, the video length should be between 5 and 60 seconds (really – no more or less) and you can basically upload any footage that you think might sell. Think about time-lapse, slow-motion artistic panning, it’s all up to your imagination. You’d be surprised how someone on the other side of the world will be happy to find your work to buy.


All you need to know is that you photos format should be JPG and at least 4.0 megapixels. By now even your smartphone would be able to do that – 4K started to be the norm.

Illustrations or Vectors:

As long as you upload an ESP file not larger than 15MB or JPG with at least 4.0 megapixels you should be fine.

The type of work that sells on this platform is beyond what you might imagine. People need a various type of visual representations in their projects. This may range from textures of steel and wood, pictures of fruits or flowers and even abstract representations of colours.

I am relatively new to shutterstock and still am experimenting. You can see my own portfolio here.


Please let me know if you have any experience with Shutterstock!

Another freelance project ending great [website and video]

quadsat drone satcom

freelance project quadsat.comAnother freelance project ended great! A couple of weeks ago, I was offered a nice website + video & photo project. They are called QuadSAT and If you want to know more about the company you can check out their website. But, in short, these guys are taking drones use to a new level.

“Following the growth in the satellite industry, undoubtedly there is a need for innovative solutions that can provide cost-effective means to test, assist installations, reduce the work complexity, and furthermore enhance the control over the RF spectrum. QuadSAT is building towards that vision.” – says Andrian Buchi, one of the founders.

My job was to create a promotional video and redesign their website. I enjoyed every part of the process even though it got intense at times. Nonetheless, I later came to understand that so is the team I’ve worked with. Thus, another freelance project ending great.

The website:

I have years of experience with WordPress in general and have first written HTML and CSS code about 14-15 years ago. Thus, even though I am not a programmer per say, with the use of a couple of plugins (most importantly – Elementor) I managed to create a nice website. A few tweaks in the .css file and that was it. Feel free to check it out at

 The video:

The making of the video involved two filming days at the Hans Christian Andersen airport in Odense, Denmark. After a great post-production process and a few re-edits, we ended up with the video below. As I mentioned before, I use Final Cut Pro X on a regular basis, even though I also enjoy editing in Premiere Pro. It wouldn’t have made a difference on this specific project as there was no sort of animation or hard frames manipulation involved.

I’ll say it again – another freelance project ending great!




“Passive income” is intriguing! I want to know more.

passive income

I have started reading and watching videos on the internet about passive income. If you have no clue what this is you might say “I like active income”. I wouldn’t judge you, I would say the same. That is because you want to know exactly when you are getting your financial remuneration and most importantly, how much. However, passive income rewards your in the future for a long period of time (even for life in some examples) for something that you have created in the past. Basically, you make the work once and keep getting paid for it from that point on. The best examples are book writers, singers or any other person that gets royalties from their work.

I’ll give you a great example:

Let’s say you write a book. After you paid an editor to review it, you upload it on Amazon and publish it for sale for the following three distribution channels they provide for you:

PRINT – Amazon will print for you on demand whenever someone orders a printed version of your book. There are a lot of people that still prefer the smell of fresh cut paper in their hand.

KINDLE – You should know what an e-book is by now. Kindle is one of the most popular ways people consume digital books. Amazon lets you sell your book to users of Kindle and they could buy it right from their reading tablet.

AUDIO – You would be surprised to know how many people prefer to listen to someone reading the book for them. Of course, you will need to hire someone to read your book from start to finish and upload it on ACX – Amazon.

There you go! Now you have one product that doesn’t require any more work to be done and it is available on three different distribution channels while you don’t have to do anything for the sale process to actually go through. It couldn’t get better than this!

I will let you know how my experience with my future book “No one told me I had cancer” goes.


Another good example:

Let’s say you are an amateur photographer. You can make a passive income by uploading your photos to a platform like Shutterstock and make royalties every time someone buys your picture. I personally received from $0.30 to $1.88 per picture. If you are serious about it and upload a good amount of pictures, you could make a steady passive income.

You can visit my Shutterstock portfolio here.