Sell your stock footage with BlackBox

BlackBox is a platform you will immediately fall in love with!

Even though I started taking ShutterStock more seriously, I am a videographer by choice. I did some research on what are the best platforms to upload my residual footage (but still usable) laying on my several hard-drives. I found that BlackBox is a great tool!

When I am not involved in any freelance project I like to go out and shoot some clips that maybe other people could use in their projects. If you know a little bit about the stock footage industry you know that most of the other big stock photo platforms allow you to also sell your videos. So, why did I create an account on BlackBox? 


BlackBox is basically what the stock footage industry did not have until a couple of years ago. This platform lets you upload your clips, do your metadata and once you submit them, they publish to Shutterstock, AdobeStock, Pond5 and StoryBlocks. Basically, you only do the “ugly work” once and you don’t even need an account on those platforms. Anyone that is in this industry can immediately see the value in what BlackBox started doing.

If you are a newbie and BlackBox sounds like something you would like to be part of, once you create an account, make sure you join their facebook group. This group is one of the most supportive I’ve ever been a part of and there is no stupid question you can ask. Plus, even the founder (Pat McGowan) is super active on the group. It is in their interest to take the newbies to the next level so that the quality content uploaded on their platform increases.

I am sure you’ll have questions if this is even remotely interesting to you and you can have the answer to most of them here. My purpose with this post is to help other people that started their journey with stock footage.

I hope you found it useful and don’t hesitate to ask questions!



Another freelance project ending great [website and video]

quadsat drone satcom

freelance project quadsat.comAnother freelance project ended great! A couple of weeks ago, I was offered a nice website + video & photo project. They are called QuadSAT and If you want to know more about the company you can check out their website. But, in short, these guys are taking drones use to a new level.

“Following the growth in the satellite industry, undoubtedly there is a need for innovative solutions that can provide cost-effective means to test, assist installations, reduce the work complexity, and furthermore enhance the control over the RF spectrum. QuadSAT is building towards that vision.” – says Andrian Buchi, one of the founders.

My job was to create a promotional video and redesign their website. I enjoyed every part of the process even though it got intense at times. Nonetheless, I later came to understand that so is the team I’ve worked with. Thus, another freelance project ending great.

The website:

I have years of experience with WordPress in general and have first written HTML and CSS code about 14-15 years ago. Thus, even though I am not a programmer per say, with the use of a couple of plugins (most importantly – Elementor) I managed to create a nice website. A few tweaks in the .css file and that was it. Feel free to check it out at

 The video:

The making of the video involved two filming days at the Hans Christian Andersen airport in Odense, Denmark. After a great post-production process and a few re-edits, we ended up with the video below. As I mentioned before, I use Final Cut Pro X on a regular basis, even though I also enjoy editing in Premiere Pro. It wouldn’t have made a difference on this specific project as there was no sort of animation or hard frames manipulation involved.

I’ll say it again – another freelance project ending great!




Online tools for beginner indie filmmakers

online tools for indie film-makers

I constantly am in a search for good online tools, no matter what I am trying to do. I am far from being an expert but I am a self-taught videographer who was lucky enough to stumble upon a bunch of great online resources I’ve decided to share for anyone that wants to start a career/hobby in this area. To some, they might seem obvious but I am aiming to set a “must” list of tools to have in your browser’s bookmark/ favourites.

This is a great tool for anyone that wants to learn the basics of photo/video manipulation but also advanced techniques. Of course, such a hobby/profession is costly but don’t let that stop you from acquiring other skills. Information is what matters first and that’s what this resource is giving you.

No Film School is the leading worldwide community of filmmakers, video producers, and independent creatives. No Film School is where filmmakers learn from each other — “no film school” required. –


Before you go out and spend money on audio files for your future video, make sure you first check Youtube’s audio library.

To save you some research time, this is the most important things you need to know when downloading audio files from this library.

There are three copyright policies visible in each of the song’s description. Here’s what each policy means:

  • Monetise: The copyright holder has chosen to monetise this music, so ads may appear on your video. In some cases, the copyright holder may elect to share some of that revenue with you. Even if this policy is applied, the video may not be available everywhere or on all devices.
  • Block worldwide: One or more copyright holders don’t allow the use of this music on YouTube. If you use this music, your video may be muted or may be entirely unavailable on YouTube.
  • Block in some countries: One or more copyright holders has restricted the countries in which this music is available on YouTube. If you use this music, your video won’t be viewable where the music is blocked on YouTube.

There are obviously other good sources and I encourage you to “google it”. Nonetheless, I strongly advise making YouTube’s audio library your number one way to go as a starting filmmaker.

The name is pretty suggestive.

This is a great tool for finding icons for your small animations. Besides the featured ones, there are many free to download in many file types used for further manipulation.



I’ve started video editing on an Acer laptop with windows on it. Even though I was first using Sony Vegas, I later moved to an OSX environment and started using Final Cut Pro X. There way too many websites that will help you get deeper into the pros and cons of using these software solutions. However, I honestly think that most of you will come down to these two options when it comes to video editing.


This one might seem a bit odd to you but, trust me, you’ll need something like this. WeTransfer lets you send a download link to someone for a file of up to two GB in size. This comes in handy when you need to show some draft work to a client or even someone overseas. You don’t need an account unless you want to transfer more than 2 GB at a time.