Writing my book is so far, so good…

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m writing my book. It is actually my first book…

I think I have a story to tell from my cancer experience and that is the main reason I took this path. Yes, it was scary at first. I am not a writer, nor do I hold the best English grammar. However, we leave in 2018 and the process of writing and publishing a book has changed drastically over the years.

If you choose the “independent publishing” way, as I did, you will find there are multiple options to go with. I came to the conclusion that Amazon is the best place to do so. You only need to upload the pdf file of your book along with a cover and you sit back and take 70% of the revenue. There is no need for inventory, as Amazon will print for you on demand and you don’t have to worry about shipping either.

I try to write about 1000 words a day when I write on the book. My writing process is pretty random. I have previously outlined the content of the book and decided on some chapter titles to break down my work. I often find myself switching between chapters and adding several paragraphs to each until I reach my words goal for the day. It becomes sort of a puzzle that I need to put together (in my case, from memory). I don’t worry about spelling and grammar checks until I am done getting my ideas out of my head.

I’ll give you an example:

No one told me I had cancerWill have about ten chapters and am aiming for about 40.000 words.

I first split three main parts before starting writing the book:

  1. Little did I know…

  2. Now what?

  3. Fuck cancer!

After that, I came up with titles for shorter stories that chronologically fit in my already mapped out book. Therefore, part one has four chapters named:

  1. The flu…

  2. No surgery? Great!

  3. The worst was yet to come

  4. I have cancer

On a final note, I have several things, in the form of tips, I want to mention about writing a book nowadays:

  • Don’t worry about your language skills – If you will take your project seriously, you will hire an editor before publishing
  • If you want your book to sell you will have to do some marketing work once Amazon publishes your book.
  • Definitely consider using reedsy.com when you start your book. I am not a fan of word documents when it comes to something like this.

I will make more posts in the future about writing my book.


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