How much more am I supposed to handle? – Erik Sturesson

how much more is enough?

I had the chance to meet Erik Sturesson (a fellow cancer patient) at the Youth Cancer Europe meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania. He was diagnosed at 15 and like many of us he had been on a rollercoaster ever since. Erik says on his website that he is often dealing with depression. Actually, it was because of it, he started writing his own blog. I didn’t have the chance to interact with him much in Vilnius but I told myself I will check out his blog once I got back to Denmark – and I did. I got to know his story a little better after reading through but haven’t been in touch since. However, I wrote to him on facebook letting him now I was about to create a blog post about him and he was totally cool about it.

The young Swede is true a fighter. While I do insist on checking out his website, I wanted you guys to read this paragraph written by Erik about a week ago.

Mum has cancer – againBefore moving on, I realise mum getting cancer isn’t primarily about me, but it affects me a lot nevertheless. (Me and my mum both got cancer within three months of each other in 2003.)

She’s helped me a lot during the years, chasing doctors, help with picking up medications, and so on. I wouldn’t be alive without her. Now however, not only will I have to watch my mother suffer from the treatment, but I will have to do that thinking that this burden suddenly fell on me, instead of focusing on my mother. There’s quite a conflict of emotions here. It’s making me feel like an ass.

And in the end as a lesson of the day for the readers I leave you with the following quote:

“When I hear somebody say – Life is hard! – I ask: Compared to what? – Sydney Harris